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  • 30Nov

    So, this is happening. We’re hoping for target dates of Sept. 27-Oct. 5. Chub and Callum are planning on joining us. Neda will be joining us, too. I’m planning on doing a Halloween party that week too. So much to plan!

    We’re also planning on doing WDW the year after. So, gotta research the Premier Pass.

  • 30Aug

    I’ve been GoogleMaps-ing for a while now. I’m updating the Contacts sheet in my WDW Excel sheets. So far, I’ve got a couple Targets, a Wal-Mart, and incidentally, I found a Dunkin Donuts near the 7-Eleven that I found! AAAHHH!!!! Dunkin Donuts!!! I’m hitting that place up EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. No joke. Plus, I’m gonna bring some donuts home too. I miss Dunkin Donuts. <3

    I also see that Universal Studios is pretty close to Disney. I’m contemplating on whether or not we should stay at a Universal resort and do 2-3 days of Universal, or just stay at Disney and head to Universal on our Universal days. There’s early entry if you stay at a Universal Resort. They also give you an unlimited front-of-the-line pass for the length of your stay! That’s so freaking cool! Disneyland should do that! Like a forever Fast Pass for resort guests! Probably not a good idea for WDW since they have so many resorts…but Disneyland only has 3. That would be totally brilliant! I should let my friend’s bf know so he can suggest it to the big guys.

    Anyways, I’m totes early in planning all these things. I’ve been lurking on the DIS for a while. And I’m looking through all these trip organization threads. I’m getting way too excited! I sooooo wanna go noooowwwww!!!!

  • 16Aug

    So, since we pushed back the dates a bit on our trip, it looks like free dining probably won’t work w/our check-in dates. Ugh! For the kind of dining that we’ll be doing…I think it’s worth it to get the free dining…so I think we’ll just have to push our dates back a bit more. It’s just another week. I’m not gonna change the banner just yet, though. Haha!

    Either way, there are still some dates for the cruise that will work with our schedule. So, yay! :D

    And I think I’m liking Port Orleans Riverside more than the Caribbean Beach Resort. Hmmm…we’ve got time. i’m gonna keep looking at the photos and read more reviews. I think CBR might be a bit too sprawled out for my liking. We’re already gonna be doing a ton of walking around at the parks, I don’t wanna have to hike everywhere at the resort, too. But maybe that’s a good thing? I don’t know.

    Research, research, research!

  • 15Aug

    So, I discussed dates with my mom. And I just can’t seem to figure out a good date to go. But either way, the itinerary isn’t really gonna change that much. With our dates and schedules, it’s either gonna be Disney, Cruise & then Universal; Universal, Cruise, & then Disney. My mom wants to do Universal, Disney and then the cruise last. That would be ideal…but with our schedules, it’s gonna be tricky with the dates and everything. *sigh* I don’t know. I’ll figure it out soon. I’m getting tired of changing the countdown. :P

  • 13Aug

    We’re totally gonna hit up Typhoon Lagoon! WTH?! You can swim with sharks!!! I’ve always wanted to swim with dolphins. And we actually had a chance to do it while we were on our Honeymoon in Jamaica…but let’s not talk about the guy that was too scared to do it. Sssh!

    But this is just too awesome to pass up! Bubs wants to do it! He said: “Dad! Don’t be afraid! They’re just small sharks!” LOL! Oh, Bubs!

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