Lucky 21!?

Who really remembers their 21st birthday?! They say that if you wake up sore, with no memory of the night before, with one hell of a hangover, possibly naked, and in unfamiliar teritory, then you’ve had a successful 21st birthday. So, I’m, like, 3 for 5. I really, really don’t remember my 21st birthday. What in the hell did I do?! Who was I with? Ok, fine. I knew who I was with…I think. I mean, I (vaguely) remember. I imagine cognac, vodka, and possibly tequila were in attendance that night. But, where did I go? To a club? A bar? Just chill at home? Wait, no I couldn’t have stayed home because my birthday landed on a weekend that year. Weird how I really can’t remember. I guess it was THAT good.

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