Young love…

Do you usually wait until the other person says “I love you” first before you say it? Or do you usually say it first? And how long does it take for you to say it? I mean, like, is it acceptable to say it a week after meeting? A month? Or do you have to wait a whole year? I mean, does it really matter? Ted Mosby said it to Robin Scherbatsky after only knowing her for, like, a day! Granted, she ended up marrying Barney, but that’s not the point. When is it ok to say “I love you” without the risk of being thought of as a creeper? I guess it depends…

So, almost a month after the Hubs and I got together, he went on a short weekend cruise to Victoria, BC with his parents and some family friends of theirs. We were still in that “honeymoon” stage. We were emailing back and forth. And whenever we talked on the phone we did the “You hang up. No, you hang up.” bit. (Ew.) We saw each other almost every other day and every weekend. So it was a pretty big deal for us to not see each other for that whole weekend that he was on the cruise. But there was internet on the ship (for $0.35 a minute!) so he emailed me and told me how he was going through “Sophia Withdrawals.” And he told me that he would try to call me if there was reception. I didn’t really expect a call since it would be long distance.

Well, imagine my surprise when my phone rings just a few hours after his ship left the dock. Whaaaat?! I was trippin’! He wasn’t even gone 24 hours and he’s already calling me saying he misses me so much and that he has to hear my voice. Dang, girl! What did you do to this boy?! He’s hella sprung! (Ok, so was I. Shut your face!) We talked for a few minutes. We were both giggly and lovey-dovey and crap. And then he had to go. He’s like, “You hang up.” And I’m like “No, you hang up!” And we’re like “I miss you.” “I miss you more.” Blah blah blah. And then…he said it. OMG! He said it!

“Ok, I really gotta go. I miss you.”

“I miss you too!”

“I love you.”

*gasp* “WHOOOOAAAA!!!!” (Yes. That was really my reaction. I really did say that.)

“Oh. I mean…I was…I…whooooaaa! Whoooa! Ok. Gotta go. Bye!”

And he hung up mad quick. I was stunned. I didn’t know how to react. So, I was just like…OMG. Was I freaked out? I don’t remember. Did I think he was a creeper after that? Well, I married the guy. 😛



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