The fruit of my loins.

I swear. This kid be trippin. He comes up with the most outrageous things. The other day, he was asking me if I was married to his dad. This is not the first time he’s asked me this question, though. Yes, child. Your daddy is married to your mommy! He knows this. I’ve told him many times. And I’ve explained to him that marriage is forever (as it totally should be) and that it’s meant for people that really love each other (ya heard?!) But he asked me this question anyway:

“When Daddy gets tired of you and doesn’t want to marry you anymore, can I marry you?”

What!?! Oh, hell no! Child, where’d you learn all that from?! Did he read about the whole Kris Humphries/Kim Kardashian debacle? Has he been watching E! Hollywood stories behind my back?! What?!

I believe he’s just been banned from watching TV. Forever.

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