Birthday month!

So, it’s my birthday month. Yay? I’m at that age where birthdays are starting to become somewhat of a drag. Another year older. Time just keeps moving faster and faster as I get older and older.

What birthday has been my most memorable one? There have been quite a handful of them. But it’s not because they’ve been happy memories. They kinda sucked.

My 5th birthday sucked. My 5th!? Seriously?! Yes. I have pictures. In the pictures, it looks like I’d been crying. Cauze I was. Let’s not get into details. But my 5th birthday sucked.

My 19th birthday sucked. Everyone forgot. Well, maybe not everyone. One of my good friends stopped by my house late in the afternoon with her boyfriend. And she gave me a card…from the both of them. And then 5 minutes later, they left to go to a party. Well, thanks anyways.

Another year, my uncle passed away 3 days before my birthday.

And then, a few years after that, 4 days before my birthday, my dad had a stroke and fell into a coma.

It sucked. But my family still managed to get me a cake both of those times when the whole family wasn’t feeling like celebrating.

I’ve had quite a few unhappy birthdays in my time. So, this year, I just pray that I’m happy and healthy on my birthday.

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