*sigh* Pre-school. It starts on Monday, the 10th. So fast! He’s gonna be doing 3 days a week this year instead of 2. I’m excited, but at the same time, I’m not. It’s gonna be great having 3 extra hours to myself, but then, I’m gonna miss the little guy. There’s really not much that he needs for school in terms of school supplies. We went shopping for some pants, cauze he’s growing so fast! He’s in some size 6 pants now! He totally skipped 5T! WTH!? And he’s gonna be needing some new shirts soon. And we just got him some new Nike Free Runs 3.0. And we got size 12C!!! OMG! He’s size 11-11.5 right now. So, we have to bust out his Cool Greys that we’ve had on ice since he was 2. Cauze they’re size 11! He needs to be wearing them now! Where has the time gone? Why is my baby growing so fast?! It’s like, I blinked, and he’s a preschooler. When did this happen?! It makes me cry!

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