Hello Kitty.

So, I kinda have this unhealthy (depending on who you ask) obsession with Hello Kitty. I’ve loved (and still do!) Hello Kitty ever since I was a little girl. My aunt used to have alot of Hello Kitty stuff in her room and I remember that I couldn’t really play with it too much cauze it’s hers…not mine. That made me sad. She really gave me no choice but to sneak around touching/playing with her Hello Kitty stuff. And honestly, if I had a niece, I would totally ban her from touching my Hello Kitty stuff, too, so I understand. Totally. If Bubs can’t even touch my Hello Kitty coloring book, why the hell can she?! (Right?!)

I remember this huge stuffed Hello Kitty that she had (I think I have a picture with it…somewhere…) and I remember wanting it to be mine forever. It was HUGE! (Now that I think about it, it probably wasn’t that big, I mean, I was like…5!? Everything was huge.)

So, anyways…Hello Kitty. I’m totes obsessed! And I’ve been playing this game on my iPhone called Hello Kitty Cafe. What the hell!? It’s a cafe that’s Hello Kitty themed. And I have Hello Kitty and her friends serving people. How cool is that?!?! I’m trippin! The app itself is free. But you have to spend real money to get Hello Kitty points that you need to buy stuff…and characters. It’s ridiculous! But, the way I see it, if I buy Hello Kitty crap anyways, why the hell can’t I spend money on virtual Hello Kitty stuff?!

I’m going to be heading out to Target and Michael’s sometime soon to look for and acquire a roll of Hello Kitty Duck Tape. Hello Kitty Duck Tape!!! How useless is that?! What will I use a Hello Kitty Duck Tape for?! Seriously. Let’s be serious for a second. Pens, I can understand. I would use the shit out of Hello Kitty pens. And any other Hello Kitty office supplies. But, there are some ridiculous Hello Kitty shit that I can’t even understand what to use it for. But, it’s so damn cute that people don’t realize it’s useless. (Or they do realize its uselessness but just don’t care.)

And I seriously mentioned Hello Kitty, like, hella times. (21 times, not including the subject.)

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