That awkward moment…

The other day I wasn’t feeling very well. This always happens when the seasons change. I get a little cold and a bit of a cough. It sucks.

But anyways, I was sprawled out on the couch and telling Bubs to study his alphabets and letter sounds. He wasnt really listening. But I had a sinus headache so, he wins. I let him just draw and mess around with his art supplies. And at some point, I closed my eyes for a bit and tuned him out for a minute. Next thing I know, he was talking about going in the room to get his “squishy bunny” toy that his Lola gave him. I was imagining a cute, extra squishy, plush bunny. He came out with something totally different.

It turns out that his squishy bunny is a toy that he found in me and Hub’s *ahem* “adult” drawer. Thankfully, it was unused and could quite possibly pass as a cute little bunny toy. But it definitely was not his “squishy bunny” toy from his Lola.

That awkward moment when your child finds your adult toy and tries to claim it as his own…*sigh*

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