I used to spell my name backwards. I think most children used to do that, right? Cauze Bubs wrote his name backwards in class. I think that’s how they all start out. I mean, at least he knows how to spell and write his own name now. Yay! He’s so smart.

Yesterday was his first day of school. He had alot of fun. And he saw a few old friends from last year. So, his first day went pretty well, as far as I can tell.

He’s starting to learn how to read. He’s sounding out letters really well now. I’m so excited!!! I can’t wait until he’s able to read. Then he won’t ask me every 5 minutes “What does this say, mom?” He’ll finally be able to read what that says.

He was trying to read my Malted Milk bottle. He read the letters first. And then I told him to sound out the letters. I wanted him to start with the easier word, so I asked him to sound out M-I-L-K. He he read it like “Mih-lah-kah.” LOL. He was so proud of himself! He said “Milaka!” *sigh* He’s gonna read books by Christmas!

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