Period Presents…

I think every man should give their girlfriends/fiances/wives “Period Presents” every month. What the hell is a “Period Present?!” Well, it’s a present to be given during one’s period! Duh!

I mean, they don’t have to be extravagant or expensive. Period Presents can just be…a box of chocolates or a candy bar, a movie, a box of crackers, art supplies (if she’s into that kinda thing), flowers, make-up, or whatever little thing that you think may help improve your woman’s mood during her time of the month. I personally wouldn’t mind coloring books and some make-up.

I was just discussing it w/Hubs and he was like, why should I give you a Period Present?! Like, really?! With attitude and everything?! And he’s talking about why didn’t he get a present for going through puberty? Seriously?! Guys go through puberty once. Women get their period EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH! Like, c’mon, guys! We bleed monthly! And you don’t think we deserve a little Period Present every month!? And then we also have the honor and privilege of carrying babies for 9 whole months. Let’s not start talking about all the shenanigans you’ll get into while trying to get/make things that pregnant women are craving.

So, anyways, if you’re a dude, and you’re reading this, and you’ve never heard of a Period Present, you’re welcome. Bring your woman a little Period Present when it’s that time of the month. I’m saying chocolates…or whatever. You might get a little somethin somethin in return…*nudge nudge* *wink wink* It’s not a guarantee, but you know…just saying. She’s gonna think you’re super awesome. Period Presents. Get on it!

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