I have an obsessive personality. I have alot of obsessions. And currently, it’s couponing. But I mean, come on, it’s a pretty nice obsession to have right now in this economy.

I started out kinda small. I used a couple coupons and saved a couple bucks here and there. Then, I got a bit more serious and started saving a bit more, like, over $5. Then I went over $10! Whoooaa! There’s just this certain high I get when I save money. It’s like, wow! I can’t believe I used to pay full price for stuff that I could get for less! And so earlier today, I saved almost $50! What the hell?!

But, the thing is, it’s mostly at Target that I shop and do almost all of my couponing. Man, I love Target.

I feel like I’m supposed to point out that this post was not sponsored by Target.

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