I’ve said that Bubs is gonna be reading soon, right? Well, he really is.

He was in the bathroom pooping earlier, (So, he’s like basically 3/4 done w/his day already. Eat? Check. Cause a ruckus? Check. Poop/Pee? Check. Sleep? Hmmm…in progress…) and then he yells through the door, “Mom! What’s acuhta?” I paused for a moment. What the hell is acuhta? And why the hell is he asking me that while he’s pooping? What’s he doing?! There’s nothing in the bathroom that is an acuhta that I know of. What a weird-ass question to ask while you’re taking a dump. Then, I realized, he’s reading the bottle of ACT mouthwash we just got him! ACT! He’s trying to read ACT!!! He’s sounding out eaach letter hella hard. But, he’s reading it and he’s getting the right sounds. *sigh* I’m so proud. *tear*

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