Oh, the joys of Motherhood!

So, after having Bubs, I’ve realized that I will probably never go to the bathroom alone ever again. And I’ve accepted this. Even with a locked door, there’s always a Bubs right outside the door asking if it’s #1 or #2. So, sometimes I don’t even bother to lock the door. Because right after I get up off that toilet, the door will open (if unlocked) or there will be a knock at the door asking if I’m done. *Sigh* Always an audience during potty time. And it’s ok, because it’s that time when preschoolers get really curious about how we go to the bathroom.

Earlier, I went to the bathroom (#1 if you’re so curious). And immediately after, Bubs opened the door slowly. And thus started our interesting conversation:

Bubs: Did you go poopoo?
Me: No. I just went peepee.
Bubs: Did you do this? [he thrusts his pelvis and sticks his penis out]
Me: No.
Bubs: Did you sit down?
Me: Yep.
Bubs: Why did you sit down?
Me: Because girls need to sit down to go peepee beacause we don’t have a tete (eventually, I’ll have to tell him he has a penis. But for now we’re sticking w/Tagalog).
Bubs: But you have a butt.
Me: Everyone has a butt.
Bubs: But when girls sit down to peepee, they use their butt.
Me: Do you mean that peepee comes out of Mommy’s butt?
Bubs: Yeah!
Me: Does peepee come out of your butt?
Bubs: No. I peepee with my tete! Just like Daddy!
Me: Yeah. Cauze you both have tete. But what do you do w/your butt?
Bubs: I go poopoo!
Me: Well, Mommy goes poopoo with her butt, too. Everyone does.
Bubs: And girls go peepee!
Me: No…
Bubs: [confused] Why not?


So, then I proceeded to tell him that I, in fact, do NOT piss out of my ass. I had to tell him that boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. So Kindergarten Cop of me. I just can’t wait until he’s old enough and we have “The Talk!” -_- Not.

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