It’s only 4 days away now! It’s going to be a loooong week. *sigh*

It’s been such a stressful thing to be going through. It’s taken 2+ years to get here…and I’m still not even sure we’re really here. You know? No? K.

Well, it’s been 2+ years since we started TTC (trying to conceive). And we’ve been so excited for it to happen from the day we decided. Specially after I had that pollop removed. We thought, hey, pollop’s gone, we have a better chance of conceiving! Well, after 6 months of trying, it got so frustrating. But, still…it hasn’t been 12 months. We can still keep trying. But then another 6 months passed. And doing the TWW (two week wait) another 6 times sucked. I kept getting disappointed over and over and over. It was stressful. So, we took a break for a while. But everyone kept asking…”When are you going to have another one?” “Are you working on number 2?” “Hey! It’s time for a baby girl!” I mean, they didn’t know. But, still. I hated those questions. I just wanted to yell “WE’VE BEEN WORKING ON IT, LEAVE US ALONE!!!” But it’s no one’s fault. Whatevs.

After another 3+ months of kind-of-but-not-really trying…we started to actively try again. But another 3 months passed and I just really couldn’t take it anymore. But then a few months later, it happened.

And you know how that went.

And we’re back to the waiting game…

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